7 Key Benefits of Incorporating SEO in Your Content Marketing Strategy + SEO Best Practices

Key Benefits of Incorporating SEO in Your Content Marketing Strategy

Let’s face it. As technology advances, more and more marketers and business owners are turning to online spaces to market their products and services. Competition for consumer attention has never been more fierce. 

You can produce quality content, such as great blogs, have an exquisite content marketing strategy, and still have difficulty establishing and maintaining a solid online presence. Why? 

Content strategy on its own is not enough for outreach and promotion; it largely depends on other marketing functions, especially Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 

In this post, you’ll learn the concepts of SEO marketing and content strategy, why you should adopt SEO in your strategy, and SEO best practices. 


What is SEO Marketing?

SEO marketing is a digital marketing strategy that optimizes web pages for search engines like Google and Bing. 

What is Content Strategy?

This is a plan in which you use content (written, visual, audio) to market your business. A successful content strategy attracts your target audience and keeps them engaged even after they become customers. The keys to content marketing include:

● Be relevant to the audience. Understand your audience and create content that focuses on them. Your content needs to use a tone that matches your target audience.

● Do not over-advertise/up-sell. Your content needs to be customer-oriented without being overly salesy. Appeal to your audience’s emotions by providing genuine value.

● Match your content with your brand. Focus on how your customers experience your brand. Your content needs to engage and interact with them to match your brand values and mission. 

● Be informative and helpful. Create content that is valuable to your readers. It should answer your target audience’s questions or teach them something about your industry or brand. 


Importance of SEO For Your Business

Including SEO in your content marketing strategy has various benefits, as explained below:

Drives High-Quality Traffic to Your Website

SEO marketing offers hyper-targeted tools that earn you quality traffic to your website. SEO is unlike traditional marketing strategies such as billboards, where you hope your target market will see your products. You are sure that your target market will see your websites in search engines. 

SEO reaches your target audience at a prime time when they are “searching for you”- meaning you have their full attention. Most people discover your website as they conduct online research on the services you offer. This means they are more likely to act on your call to action. 

Boosts Your Credibility

Ranking on the first page of search engines signals to users that they can trust your website. It gives them the idea you are an industry authority and that what you offer is better than others. 

SEO Markers, creates quality SEO content strategy that builds your credibility in the market. Our professionals write interesting, valuable, and engaging content that helps you rank on top of search engines.

Allows You to Track Your Progress with Real Numbers

With SEO marketing, you can monitor the success of your strategies. It allows you to access your digital marketing analytics in real-time. 

Google Analytics enables you to access the performance of your SEO strategies. You should monitor metrics like bounce rate, website traffic, conversions, and the time users spend on your site. 

Marketing software such as MarketingCloudFX makes monitoring your website easy. They evaluate your digital marketing ROI and offer actionable insight into your product or service campaign.

Increases Brand Awareness Among High-Value Customers

SEO increases your visibility and brand awareness among high-value shoppers. As consumers go through the online buying funnel, they conduct extensive research. If your company keeps appearing on their search results, they become aware of your brand and look deeper into your website. 

A quality SEO strategy shows consumers you are more than a service or product provider. This results in customers trusting your brand and introducing others to your brand. 

Generates More Leads, Sales and Market Share for Your Company

Investing in SEO makes you realize more leads, sales, and a more significant market share in your respective industry. You witness more shoppers visiting or shipping products from your store. 

Appearing on the first page of search engines such as Google and Bing, you earn clicks from potential customers that are highly likely to buy from you. If they are pleased with your services and products, they make an order increasing your sales. 

Encourages Local Users to Visit Your Physical Store

Local SEO targets people close to your location, allowing more visits to your physical store. According to a Google study, most customers conduct a ” near me ” search to identify stores close to them. They then research the stores and visit their brick-and-mortar stores to make purchases. 

At SEO Markers, we have experience in local optimization, increasing your visibility to local customers. Our experts utilize the best local SEO practices to encourage more locals to visit your physical store. 

Takes You Ahead of Your Competition

SEO gives you a competitive advantage by making your brand more recognizable and credible in your industry. Customers view you as an authority and thus choose you over your competitors. 

Being on top of SERPS is an indication that others have trusted you. Customers feel safer dealing with you than other companies in your industry.

SEO Best Practices

The best practices for SEO content writing are initiatives that make it easy for search engines to crawl and understand your content. They include:

Having a User-Friendly Design

Make sure your website design is easy for all users, regardless of their device. There is a high chance your target audience uses smartphones and tablets more than computers. They should easily find what they are searching for on your landing page. 

Utilizing Outbound and Inbound Links

Provide outbound links to relevant and authoritative content pages. Link building to high-quality sources validates your information and increases users’ trust in your website.

Encouraging other sites to link to your website increases your visibility on search engines. Inbound links prove your content is valuable and accurate.

Using Web Analytics

It would be best if you had web analytics software to track your website’s progress. Google Search Console and Google Analytics are helpful software solutions to track your success. Other tools, such as Crazy Egg, reveal how visitors navigate your software and provide areas where people struggle and leave your site. This helps you work on your weaknesses and better your strong points. 

Writing Strong Meta Descriptions

A strong Meta description summarizes your content and tells readers what to expect on your page. Your meta description should have keywords and aim to answer your target audience’s questions.

At SEO Markers, we write content with strong meta descriptions to increase your online visibility. Our expert writers have experience writing simple and valuable meta descriptions that help you rank on top of search engines. 

Optimizing Your Images

Compress your images before uploading them to ensure your pages load as quickly as possible. Google considers a faster load time as a better user experience, ranking your page higher. Additionally, you should include keywords in the image alt-text. 

Start Infusing SEO into Your Content Marketing Strategy

SEO is undoubtedly the game-changer in content marketing and wiring. But you first have to optimize your content and webpages to realize the insane benefits that it brings along. 

SEO Markers, combines experience in content marketing with ongoing SEO innovation to help you attain success.  We create a realistic content marketing plan for you and write engaging content that increases your online visibility. Contact us today. 

Becky Wright

Becky Wright is a digital strategist and content manager with over 10 years experience as a digital marketer.


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